This Will Not Last

Crows Nest
Your birth was a miracle.
Your lungs came from nothing, your body struggled through your mother’s fluid, and you burst forth all those years ago, helpless and pink. Those lungs, once unfilled, opened and caused you to scream. The elements you encountered then for the very first time began to shape you instantly to be a creature that survives. That you made it that far is a mystery that has happened a billion times without explanation.
You will someday fade away, without fanfare or remembrance. This body that holds you will begin to deteriorate as quickly as it was formed, and your consciousness will return to where it began. You will no longer be alive someday. But life is all you’ve known. Are you able to handle that? Are you able to handle that time will march onward forever, without ceasing, and that someday there will be no life with the ability to witness that time?
There will be matter, and rocks, sitting silently a trillion lightyears away from this place, that will bear witness to the passing of the ages. But that matter is unable to lay claim to the same life you do now. For all the accomplishments the universe has, it hangs in a fragile balance to keep it all going. With one surge of unimaginable power, it can all be snuffed out.
So why do anything? Why let this life conquer you so? Why must you let your circumstances eat away at your mind, wondering what if? Or thinking about some day? Some day might never come. If you resolve to do something, you must do that thing with a terrifying urgency, because that opportunity will not be there for eternity.
Imagine, if you will, the billions upon billions of lives that are just like yours, that sprang also from their mothers with the same trepidation and cries that you did, that have now withered and are no more. The trillions of thoughts, just like the one you’re having, that were never acted upon, that are now only the regrets of a dead man. Do you wish to suffer the same fate? Do you wish you exit this life wishing you had done what you set out to do, never to get it back? So the answer is this; do what you say you will do, be honorable and brave, reflect upon thyself constantly, and do not let that which is not in your control affect that which is in your control. Remember that you will die. Remember what a coincidence it is that you are even here in the first place.
Your life depends on it.

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